Sexy Beast in "Brave New Luxe"
2 years 8 months

2021 is the perfect year to reboot and restart, and what better way to adapt to the New Normal than to create a new Sexy lifestyle through mindful eating? Sexy Beast joins an intimate and informative online conversation with Comme Çi and Yoya called “Brand New Luxe,” featuring Sexy Beast co-founder and Advertising Rockstar (and one Sexy Beast herself!) Theresa Leung.

Healthy Mind-Sexy Body Connection with Nadine Tengco
2 years 8 months

A dose of wisdom from top celebrity food coach Nadine Tengco. Our first Live Session was all about creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with the body.

Sexy Beast in "Hope, Love, & Wellness" Event
2 years 8 months

Hope, love, and wellness - three things that we need more these days. Sexy Beast is proud to be part of Beauty Scout PH & Steps Scholarship Foundation's worthy event about beauty, health, and wellness during these challenging times.